Disabling the Day Time Running Lamps

1. Remove the fuse cover panel on the inside of the drivers side of the dash with a screwdriver.

Inside the cover is a finned diode (looks like a heat sink).  This is what needs to be disconnected in order to disable the DRL's and maintain the auto headlamp feature.  Look right above where the parking brake is.  It's mounted on the horizontal surface above it.

2. On the opposite side of the blue clip there is a little lip with a rough area on it.

Push that in and pull out.  Do not worry about the blue clip as it just holds the leads into the connector.  Try to pinch the release on the opposite side of the blue tab with a small screwdriver from underneath, to release the plug.  It does have the standard push tab to release but can be a tempermental little bugger so be patient with it.

3. Since I wanted to turn this feature on and off when I need to (ie: wife driving the car, taking a long trip, etc.) I installed a toggle switch.

After purchasing the switch from the local auto parts store, drill a small hole (same diameter of the toggle switch insert) in the front dash panel under the headlight switch.  Splice one of the wires from the plug, attach an extension wire to both ends, and run it through your new switch.  Mount the switch, put the plug back in and your ready to go.

Additional Option: If you want to disable the daytime running lights and the automatic night time lights you can remove the fuse that is labeled DRL. The fuse box is located in the glove box. See your manual for exact location of the fuse.

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